Friday, November 7, 2008

Of Code and Canon

From the emails:
"...check out this panel. The guy on the left is "Bizarro" you may be familiar with him... anyway, I love Bizarro and think he's one of the great philosophers (along with the Scooter and Joe Tex), but I found this panel very disturbing.

Bizarro's suicidal ideations are very sad, but what really gets me is Superman's attitude. What happened to the Superman Code, to never, knowingly, take a life? It is well established in the Superman canon, that Supe won't even knowingly step on an ant. Yet he is so quick to engage in Talmudic logic to determine it is OK to kill Bizarro. Bizarro seems pretty alive to me, at least as worthy as a fucking ant."

Yes. Disturbing. But you know what? I don't know shit about Superman, the Superman Code, or the Superman canon. So I'm going to improvise and opinionize.

Bizarro, or reverse Superman, is some shit, huh? It's the yin to Supe's yang. That "kill and ant" vibe? More yin/yang/Buddhist philosophy. The distillation here is all about binary opposites. On/off. Black/white. Good/bad. And relevant to what we face in 2008 America, Cheney/Obama. Bush is the lightweight in the current administration. It's Cheney who is Barack's Bizarro. Yin/yang with a touch of tough-love karma.

I mean, read that shit (above).
Dick Cheney (using sensitive scientific or primative torture equipment): "Me unhappy! Me don't belong in world of living people! Me don't know differene between right and wrong--good and evil!"

And here's our true bafflement of surprises, our very own Barry Obama now free to go all hardcore and ballsy: "I'm glad he recognized that fact! I'll have to destroy him later! It won't be like "death" since he's only lifeless matter in human form!"

Many a liberal do-gooder will be shocked to the core how brutal and "If it ain't rough it's not me" Barack's going to have to be to fix just some of this shit. Fucking shocked! He's been painted a pansy but he's going to have to be all Travis Bickle and shit. Brawling Biden and Rhambo is proof that Barry's gonna be all smiling bitch-slap to the fucked up establishment.

Pimp vs Bizarro Pimp, issue #1.

Me? Ray Smuckles is my favorite comic philosopher (panel four = fiat lux).

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