Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Hero

Hello Blogniggers, it's me. No, I am not the Blognigger, I'm just a contributor to his blog comments thing but the Blognigger has asked me to help out since the he has to route cable or delete office worker porn or image drives or some shit today; the shit we (meaning you) have to do for money (I'm sitting in my kitchen listening to music and playing with the internutz). So I'm posting here today; just helping out, OK?

Don't forget to send your poll location and the good vs. evil vibe. Here's my poll hero (since she was the only black working at my poll, good vibe):

Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, Earth.

It's 2008. We do what the Blognigger tells us to do. And I've posted some elections specials at my blog.

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