Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hot-lanta Heroes

Hot-lanta Laura checks in:
"Whether our noble and courageous defenders of freedom were checking people in... offering unlimited hot chocolate, coffee, and/or water during our 3 hour+ wait in line... handing out sample ballots so we could brush up on our candidates and proposed Georgia Constitutional amendments... or simply sitting back admiring their contribution to the democratic process... nothin' but Good Vibes from our *numerous* heroes here in the A!

~ Laura

Truly heartwarming when you see with your own two eyes that black people have been running shit all along. Who do you think they are voting for? For America, that's who.

Also some context:
"Apologies for the low quality of the pictures... one crappy Blackberry camera phone + one church with poor lighting + one God no doubt striking down upon me 'with great vengeance and furious anger' for taking said pictures in said house of worship = a whole bunch of shit."

~ Laura
Apologies?! When you're doing god/country/planet/family's work? Please. No, thank YOU, patriot. You deserve more than some dumb ass sticker. You deserve a competent president.

[Oh, get an iPhone, will 'ya?]

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