Thursday, December 18, 2008

Love Jesus is a Friend of Mine

@ Love Jesus wrote:
"I take Christianity way more serious than race."
That's a profound statement on a number of levels, seriously. A black American (assumption) saying that is truly fascinating to me; the whole salient/non-salient physical characteristic disconnect in my mind.

I hope I don't seem as if I'm attacking you (because I'm not) but I do have some questions (and bullshit you are mad else you wouldn't have been all "So...this sucks." You'd've just said it "failed to be interesting or relevant"):
1. Do you take Christianity more serious than your sex/gender (the other generally obvious physical characteristic we possess)? What about your nationality? Your family?

2. How deep are you in this? Meaning, generally Christian and positive there is a higher being? Or like Catholic or Evangelical? If Evangelical, do you believe evolution is a heathen scheme? That Jews are devils?

3. Really? You read Street Carnage and TV Boners every day? Seriously? Now you're offended? I had to look at a hemorrhoid and this offended you? That is serious. [disclosure: As a blackjew this is one of the best sites I've ever encountered. "Constantly Offensive - Never Offended." Gavin's work-out and crack push-ups.]

4. You appreciate competing religions for banning together? No foolin'? That's totally counter-intuitive, isn't it? OR are you that Christian-forgiving. Hard line Muslims vow to kill Christians and you appreciate their sticktoitiveness? Again, not intuitive.
Help me out, Love Jesus.

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