Saturday, December 20, 2008

Having Lily

Always great to have SSAAH Cadet Lily over even though she made me do all her printing.

No. Even better was carpet-bombing comments all over the interwebs.

No. Even better was doing the interpretive recitals from other people's postings.

No! Even best was letting Lily answer all my emailings sans adult (me) supervision.

One and only sample because she would only let me see one:
Her reply:
Absolutely hysterical.

My reply woulda been:
Yawn, this is way last week.


Guess I'm kind of a prick, huh? Plus she was all mock-shocked at the names ("handles") of some of my best friends on the interwebs. All "don't post pics of me" and shit.

In all, a rewarding evening with Lily.

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