Monday, December 22, 2008

Barry Oh!® @ Times Square

Secret Society of All American Heroes Cadet in good standing, o_w_g, writes, "I saw this and thought of you. Here 'tis:

Nice work. That guy is no mope either.

It's your hard work and dedication, Cadet o_w_g, that makes us remember how much love there is.

We love you!

[I know...everbody can't wait for this "cadet" shit to pass. It will, it's the thing right now though.]

1 comment:

the FoOl said...

Damn man. Obama has to be the most pimp motherfucker on the planet at present and you have people out there thinking of YOU when they see HIM??

Usually whenever someone sends me an e-mail titled "this made me think of you" its that photo of the kid trying to suck his own dick in front of the computer. So lets just say I'm jealous.