Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Disservice?

So there's been some concern about how the use of "big and fat" is counterproductive to the sincere and ceremonious hero worship happening here (hat's off to these diva queens).

First off: big, fat, black ladies know very well that they are big, fat, and black, they'd be the first to tell you. Big, fat, black women are inherent pragmatists. What they haven't heard yet is that they are All American Heroes (and patriots). They are.

Secondly, this all connects to the good inside us do-good liberals, hence:
"Just got back from Chicago. There was an awful lot of big fat black ladies. Big fat black guys too. Hopefully one thing Prez Obama will do is tackle health and wellness in the black community. Some of those ladies could barely walk down Michigan Ave!

Someone might think I'm racist, so just for the record, there were some fat white folks too... it's the Midwest after all.... but none as big as those fat black chicks whose ass cheeks were as big as my weekender bag (I'm talking each cheek). I literally wondered how they find jeans that fit. I felt bad for them, waddling and sweating their way down the sidewalk... as I do for all fatties (until I see them sucking on a Slurpee).

But seriously.... Barack's talk about wellness and prevention is important to bringing down health care costs. Ban the Domino's cinnamon stix with frosting dessert deals! Who needs dessert after pizza? Not these ladies! Not anyone! Make me Secretary of Health.... less trans fat, more red wine!"

See? In one electronical mailing, GBM, raised awareness, crossed racial lines, lowered health care costs, and banned disgusting food.

Also note two important social psychological nuances: Barack's now the "prez" in this mail and the honeymoon is officially over. That was quick, both.

Get your ass to work, Barack!

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